Let's Make You a Better Leader



The Official Version - Cue the movie trailer voice: Bestselling author of four books on leadership and one of the most popular thought leaders in management and leadership today. Cameron offers advice leveraged from his 20+ years of management experience to over 1,000,000 subscribers to his blog and social media channels. His background encompasses Fortune 500 Companies, small companies and government agencies. Cameron writes to help front-line managers and supervisors excel and build teams that drive results. Cameron currently resides in Las Vegas, NV with his wife and three children.

My version - No deep voice needed: I'm a manager and have been for a while. I've dealt with all of the common situations like office politics, not finding anyone to hire, unreasonable customers, team members not reaching their potential, holiday in retail, and hundreds of others. So I think one of the reasons that my blog and social media have been so popular is that I try not to put anything out there that I don't believe will work in the real world. Straight talk, practical and actionable advice, that's what I strive for. Hope the movie trailer voice guy isn't mad I left my version in.


It all started when I noticed that I kept making the same management and leadership mistakes over and over again. Basic things all leaders deal with like properly communicating, project management issues, and staff development. Simple things I kept repeatedly doing wrong. I started out by keeping Post-it note reminders. Then it moved to noticing and learning from the mistakes of peers and superiors. When I started running out of space for Post-it notes on my monitor it led to a blog, social media, and finally several books. It's amazing to think what those Post-it notes became.


After I wrote a couple of books, I was lucky enough to get invited to speak at a variety of organizations. Face to face communication is always the most impactful and I enjoy being able to interact and help new leaders grow. I like to think I bring a very "Down to Earth" yet insightful approach to the stage. The key for me is to feel like I've prepared the audience to handle their next day in the office better and to build from there.