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  • That understands how to not only take initiative, but how to take the RIGHT initiative.
  • Who knows how to foster teamwork in the staff and reinforce a positive culture.
  • Are ready to embrace change instead of resisting it at every turn.
  • Who have the emotional intelligence and communication skills to manage conflict before it escalates.
  • And who have the skills to motivate and hold their teams accountable for reaching the goals you have set for the organization.

Developing leaders in your organization doesn’t have to be hard. You just need a simple and affordable option that GETS RESULTS.


What Organizations & Leaders Like You Are Saying...

“Cameron’s expertise in leadership skills captures an audience so that they want to hear more! Cameron does an excellent job providing topics specific to our profession as well as captivating us through interaction and allowing every person the capability of taking something away from his session!”

- Tara Foley, Chairwoman, SoDakSACA

“Authentic, engaging and insightful, Cameron’s session at the Global Women’s Leadership Summit received some of the highest praise from our hundreds of participants.”

- Mary Legakis Engel, Managing Director, Global Women's Leadership Summit

"Cameron does a spectacular job of introducing key elements that will aid you in increasing your productivity and leadership. His class format and tools combine to make a very flexible and effective resource for professional development."

- Andrea Polf, Vice President Client Services, Arrowhead West, Inc.

The Leadership Toolbox Workshop

Description: Leaders can usually identify WHAT areas of leadership need to be addressed, but often fail to understand HOW to improve their skills and the skills of their team in that area. In this workshop your employees are equipped with specific tactics they can employ to IMMEDIATELY improve their leadership skills, while advancing their understanding of the principles underlying the topic.

Workshop material is customized for each audience and organization to ensure it resonates and GETS RESULTS. This is why organizations in industries as varied as franchise service operations and multinational Fortune 500 technology companies have seen incredible success from this program.

You choose from the leadership topics listed below to address your most pressing areas of need. Through a mix of activities, recent research and studies, as well as real-world experience, tactics will be introduced that augment the skills of your employees in the selected area. Each topic has 2-3 activities meant to provide the “Ah-ha” moment for each audience member and to inspire group discussions that take the tactics and theory reviewed and make it applicable in the organization's real-world environment.

Workshop Topics (select 4 for the half-day workshop, and 8 for the full-day option)

  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Change Management
  • Employee Accountability & Motivation
  • Delegating
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Building
  • Employee Development
  • Leading Millennials
  • Workplace Culture
  • Hiring & Interviewing
  • Managing Conflict

Time is allotted in every section to identify specific actions that your employees can take to apply their learning upon completion of the workshop, and follow-up discussion of specific scenarios is encouraged throughout the workshop to make the learning "real" and applicable.

"Cameron provided so many "lightbulb" moments, with his commonsense, logical, outcome-based advice. As the coaching was timely and relevant, the successes were immediate for both my team and myself. Thank you Cameron!"

- Jeanine Haselton, Manager, National Australia Bank


I’m going to be offering you and your organization a FREE in-person 4-Hour Workshop with me to help you conquer your biggest leadership challenges and opportunities. These workshops are customized based on your unique challenges and environment. And for a limited time, I'm waiving my fee. Your only cost is covering my travel and lodging expenses, and yes, this offer is available for international organizations as well (I get a TON of work done on planes). Reach out directly to me at [email protected] to check availability, ask any questions, and get the simple process of booking a workshop started.

Now, why am I doing this for free, you ask?

First, I love doing this. This is my passion and what I do for a living. It gives me joy and energy any time I can hop on a plane and help an organization improve their ability to lead.

Second, it’s my way of opening up these programs to a wider audience of organizations that might not usually consider an investment in leadership development.

And third, this is one of the ways I attract clients!

However, please know – there will be no hard-pitch or ‘salesy’ stuff in this workshop. You get the exact same format my paying clients get. If you see results, then we talk further. Simple as that.

With that being said, if you’d like to take me up on this very special (and limited time) offer to help you and your organization overcome your challenges and realize your full potential … send me an e-mail and we'll see if there's a fit: [email protected]

"We often get stuck in the revolving doors of our minds and it's necessary to have healthy outside input that can help us see another perspective, encourage our success and give us direction for improvement. Cameron is just that! Not only is he helpful in giving direction for big picture thinking and goals, but also an insightful resource for day-to-day challenges with a real life approach."

- Lisa LeBlanc, Chief Operating Officer, Northtown Insurance

Why Don't Organizations Develop Leaders?

According to a survey conducted by business management consulting firm Gap International, 85 percent of company executives surveyed said that maximizing talent is “very important,” and 83 percent said the same of empowering employees to succeed. At the same time, only 37 percent of the executives believe their employees can become top performers, and less than half said they would invest in leadership development this year. Um, what?

I think the disconnect between these two statistics are the obstacles. That's what prohibits almost any worthwhile goal; How many difficulties, irritations, and resources need to be overcome to address it. In leadership development the reasons almost all boil down to just two things: MONEY AND TIME

1) Return on Investment - more obvious than you think

Almost every training initiative related to soft skills runs into the question of how you are going to measure a return. But I want to make this real simple for you. Because leadership development impacts the organization as a whole, your ROI from these workshops should be seen in EVERY METRIC you have.

Leadership development helps companies navigate challenging times by increasing people’s ability to respond rapidly in unpredictable business environments. The topics listed above touch every aspect of the manager/employee experience. When you communicate better, motivate better, and reinforce better teams and cultures it effects EVERYTHING.

Effective leadership comes in handy not only during day-to-day business operations but particularly during critical times such as drastic change, accidents, workforce reductions, corporate restructuring, political upheaval and personal tragedy. You don't have to take my word for it, look to your own experience. Better leaders get better results, you've seen it yourself in your career.

That's why I say that ROI from leadership training is actually one of the easiest to measure. You don't need to look far. It comes from seeing the trajectory of all your metrics improve!

2) Time - and the big lie leaders tell themselves

The reality in the work environment of today is that there is ALWAYS something to do. One of the first concepts I cover in Time Management is the concept that you will NEVER get done with your To-Do list, because there is always something else that you, your boss, or someone else would add if they saw you were "finished."

That means that every thing you say "Yes" to means you're saying "No" to something else. Priorities are more important now than they ever have been. Most leaders don't have the time to invest in the development of the managers and supervisors in they department or organization. Even if they want to, time is a huge obstacle. And that makes the "big lie of leadership development" a HUGE temptation for most leaders:

They'll just learn as they go.

Just because something is important, doesn't mean that someone will get better at it, or even strive to get better at it. Think back to your schooling and consider how well you would have progressed without teachers or textbooks. Sure, for those subjects you enjoyed you may have been able to sharpen your knowledge and skills, but it would have still been slower than if you had proper instruction.

Time is a barrier for for most development decisions, but it should ENCOURAGE the decision to invest in your team. You get intense and specific instruction for your team, and SAVE yourself the time, make better use of the time spent learning, and maintain a faster speed of further development moving forward as you and I ensure we're on the same page, so you run with it.

Here's the real question you need to answer

Can you afford the costs of poor leadership? —disengaged talent, high employee turnover, low productivity, bad decisions, unhappy customers? No you can’t. It’s more cost effective to develop your existing employees into leaders than to hire leaders from outside hoping they will be the right fit for your company.

Companies that invest in leadership development deliver stock market returns five times higher than the returns of companies that place less emphasis on human capital, according to studies by Harvard Business Review and McBassi & Co.

Now you may or may not be listed on the NYSE, but how would you like to 5x your positive results in one step?

"I think the thing I liked the most with these sessions is that instead of only discussing ideas or challenges, we came up with items and procedures that could actually be implemented in day to day workflow."

- Heather Jenkins, Marketing Director, SunStream Hotels & Resorts

"The guidance on topics such as resolving workplace issues, setting and achieving goals, and time management was invaluable! Not only were the suggestions implemented easily, they provided results immediately!"

- Jill Morgan, Shared Financial Services Manager, PPG Industries

What Makes This Workshop Special

(SPOILER: it's all about real-world application)


Knowledge is useless without action. So we don't just talk about how the material fits into the operation, there is time set aside for each attendee to write down two specific actions they will take to apply the material when they are out of the workshop. Then the group discusses a few of these that are volunteered to further brainstorm how the material can be put into practice.

Over the course of the day, this equals 8-16 specific actions each attendee takes with them into the operation to ensure the material is applied. Time is also set aside to prioritize the list so it isn't overwhelming and the most powerful actions can be put into place right away.


So many leadership development “systems” fail to consider the human element. They treat the real-world workplace like it is filled with robotic, mechanistic beings… With situations and issues that fit neatly into a box and the supportive habits and tactics that would somehow magically work with every employee every time.

Those systems aren’t built upon fundamental human principles and real-world experience. They’re built upon shaky ideals and research. I have over 20 years of experience in management for organizations as varied as small businesses, to government organizations, to Fortune 500 Companies. The curriculum in this workshop goes through one key filter before it reaches your team: "Would this work in the situations and with the people I've come across in my career."

See, all of the studies and research are great for validation of ideas and principles, but until you've spent time in a Budget meeting with the CFO, counseled an employee who is out of a job due to restructuring, and written someone up for swearing in front of a customer, you're likely to be missing the nuances needed to put the material into practice.


One of the biggest obstacles to learning isn't that the material doesn't apply, it's that it isn't always obvious how to apply it to particular situations that are going on RIGHT NOW in the operation. I encourage the audience to interrupt with questions, and in particular, situations where the application of the material isn't obvious. We then work out how it applies in a real-world setting so that the employee has a clear takeaway, and the remaining audience gets a real-life use case.

I've been told routinely that some of the most valuable pieces of knowledge from this workshop weren't gained from the material itself, but from the questions and discussions surrounding situations in the workplace and how the material could be applied to that specific case.


The most overlooked benefits of group training is the benefit to each employee of having their colleagues with them. Yes, they can help each other gain more value from the workshop as outlined above, but they are also able to hold each other accountable for the knowledge after the fact and use each other as a resource to remind each other of things.

Also, any time you get your team together you have an opportunity to build a team (one of the key takeaways from the Team Building topic by the way) if you use that time correctly. Almost all of the activities I conduct in these workshops have a team component to them. Your team will be learning together and growing together and that's one of the most powerful foundations of team building.

"Cameron offered a different perspective which I found thought provoking and caused me to take a different approach in how I handled certain situations in the workplace."

- Mary Jo Preno, Vice President of Guest Experience, Toyota of Scranton


Have questions about whether this is right for your team? Want to talk availability? Just e-mail me at [email protected] and we can talk through which topics would be best for your specific goals, the takeaways you could expect for your team, and anything else you'd like questions or clarification on. Go ahead and e-mail me now!