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The Question: Do you have any on the hiring, recruiting and interviewing??”

When leaders are looking to improve their hiring practices, I recommend ONE key thing that goes overlooked so often: Looking at the people you have who are already successful. This one thing informs everything else. Forget about the job description for a second and look at your superstars:

  • What do they do every day?
  • What challenges do they overcome easily?
  • What skills do they rely on?
  • What behavior do they demonstrate?

These answers paint a picture of what you’re looking for. The clearer you paint that picture, the easier it will be to recognize it when it sits across from you in an interview.

What’s more, they inform you on what questions you need to ask, what experience you’re looking for, and where you might go looking to recruit great candidates. If you want to not only make the process easier on yourself, but to also make it more effective, take a second (or third) look at what you have already and use it.

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